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i want two rooms in my house done with new carpet. one room is bigger then the other.

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Engineered hardwood in 5 rooms and tile in 2 bathrooms as well as steps.

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Flooring - Flooring Questions
1.20 Legal advice needed regarding contractor?

Q. I hired a licensed contractor a while back to build a home addition. He left the project with it being incomplete, and just prior to leaving, I had paid him to get flooring and paid for labor to install it. We were to go down to the flooring store to make the purchase (total paid was to be deducted from the final project cost) and have my name on the flooring for warranty reasons, and, well...it was mine. But, he left prior to this happening. I took him to court, and won, as he did not show up, but the flooring store will not release the flooring to me (it is paid in full), as the contractor had not put my name on it and ordered it prior to my consent. This has been almost a year ago, and the flooring store still has my flooring...the contractor is in hiding, and I don't know what to do. Can I sue the store? The courts don't issue legal letters or approval to "hand over property" as the flooring store is asking for from the courts, and the contractor took thousands, and I still have to complete this project and come up with extra money to do this. Any advice? FYI, went through a collection agency and they are sitting doing almost nothing...went to garnishment, and they are waiting to even attempt to do this until tax season.

A. You could contact an attorney, who might not charge much for writing a letter to the flooring store. My guess is that the flooring store will give you the flooring if it receives such a letter. My husband had a problem with a car dealer, and a letter from an attorney worked wonders.

1.20 Will vinyl flooring adhere to laminate flooring?

Q. I want to buy 12" x 12" vinyl flooring and place it on top of a laminate flooring that is currently there. The installation for the vinyl flooring is "peel and stick". Will the vinyl flooring adhere to the laminate flooring ok? Is any additional adhesive needed? Thanks in advance :)

A. It may stick but it won t last. The movement in laminate will cause the laminate seams to telescope thru and show and eventually crack the vinyl. Laminate is so easy to take up and save . GL

1.20 Company that sells flooring that I can install myself for under a $1 a square foot and has a nice design?

Q. Please include company name with phone number if possible and id really appreciate it if you can tell me the type of flooring or a picture of it.

A. Try this link http://decoration.com/p/interior-decorating/flooring/ good luck!

1.20 How do I get Black Wood Flooring?

Q. I want to get Black wood flooring but the problem is it's really expensive it ranges to 4.00 to 6.00 a square foot but people were telling me if I bought unfinished wood flooring and stain it black but see im not a craftsman and personally I don't want the paint fumes and all of that but my ? is Can I go to someone and can they stain it for me? if so can you suggest a company? or give me ideas who to go to for this and also if you find Black wood flooring less than 2.00 a square foot please notify me Thank You So Much.

A. You can sometimes get discounted wood flooring for as low as $2 a square foot (see the link I have provided), but it will cost you at least another $3 a square foot to have someone install it and finish it black for you. Hardwood flooring is a luxury, and add alot of value to your home. Remember, the money you spend doesn't go away; you keep it as in investment in your home.

1.20 How can I make wood flooring with different colors and gains look the same?

Q. I am looking for a cheap flooring job in a room in my house, and it has to be wooden floors. I am friends with a guy that is a flooring contractor and he gets to keep all extra pieces that do not fit in the house. So he has all of the flooring that I need, they all fit each other, but not all of them have the same texture/gain and color. Is there any way to get them all to be the same? I was thinking that I would be able to sand them down and maybe stain them, but I'm not too sure.

A. Probably not. All woods accept stains differently. The only way to have uniformity with differing species and grains is paint.

1.20 What type of flooring can be installed over a heated floor in the basement?

Q. I read about the electrically heated strips that can be installed on the concrete floor. What types of flooring can be used with this type of heating?

A. Most hardwoods are suitable, ceramic tile, carpet, and some laminates. its always a good idea to check with experts.

1.20 What flooring can I use to impart a Japanese feel to my room?

Q. Aside from the expensive yet beautiful tatami mats, what kind of wooden flooring would impart a Japanese feel to my room? It's a small bedroom and I'm going to place a straw-type, tatami mat-looking, area rug to finish the room off. What flooring would be a nice accent to this?

A. Wood and tatami are expensive! plus real tatami is prone to hold nasty bugs (ticks and fleas and the like) which are bad for allergies so you have to do some serious cleaning and they need to get replaced every X amount of years. do japanese ghetto instead! get tatami mat rolls (the kind japanese take to the beach or instead of a blanket for a picnic or what some may use for a curtain) and lay these out on your floor. for real ghetto, duct tape them to the floor.

1.20 What kind of flooring do I need that can be cleaned easily when an invalid has an accident?

Q. I have an invalid living in my house. He sometimes cannot control his bowels and makes a mess in the floor. I currently have carpet over hardwood floor. I need the carpet to be taken out and want to find some sort of flooring that can be mopped with Clorox or Lysol in water to destroy odor. I would like to avoid any type of flooring that would have to be glued to the hardwood. It appears that all vinyl flooring has to glued down. Does anyone have any idea what I can put over the hardwood that will stand up to some serious cleaning?

A. Try laminate flooring, it is easy to install by locking the pieces together like a puzzle and it floats(needs no glue). It also cleans like a dream, we just got it and love it. You can get the kind that looks like wood or tile. We have the ceramic tile type and it really looks like tile. GL!

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 Flooring Whether it's installing a brand new floor, or touching up existing flooring, it's always best to trust an experienced flooring contractor who is trained to handle all kinds of flooring processes. Our convenient flooring company search system allows Kansas City residents to find and get connected with experienced companies in Kansas City quickly.

 flooring company in Kansas City Your choice of flooring material will depend on the room. Your Kansas City, KS arealiving room for instance, will need a great looking floor that also complements the rest of the furniture, upholstery, wall decorations and the rest of the interiors, seamlessly. Depending on whether your living room doubles as a family room which implies heavy traffic, or if you plan to use it only as an area for formal entertaining, you need to use materials that vary in sturdiness. One of the most attractive choices for living rooms is hard wood. In case of kitchens and dining rooms, you need high quality strong flooring that's resistant to stains and spills. Also, consider the location of the room i.e. whether it is on ground or above ground level. Rooms that are on or below ground level will need to have moisture resisting flooring that's suited to that grade. Besides, your flooring should be able to blend into the rest of your room, without the need for expensive re decoration, if you don't intend to re-decorate.

Installing your flooring yourself may seem like an inexpensive option, but can ruin the looks of your floor if you end up with an uneven floor. Hire a qualified flooring contractor instead, who can also help you determine the right kind of flooring material for your needs. Our unique flooring contractor search system helps connect residents of the Kansas City area with up to 4 pre screened flooring contractors who are qualified and experienced. Simply take 2 minutes to fill out the form on this page, and you will hear from reputed flooring companies in Kansas City. These floor contractors will offer you a free estimate for their flooring services, leaving you free to compare prices and skill levels before making a decision.

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