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2.00 Can laminate wood flooring in two adjoining rooms be mismatched?

Q. We are moving into our first home and we are replacing the carpet in the living room with laminate wood flooring. The floor in the dining room is already laminate wood and joins up with the living room floor. We are trying to pick out new floors and are wondering if we can get a different color wood floor for the living room or if we need to match it perfectly with the dining room. Would mismatching the wood look tacky?? Calling all interior designers! I need your help!

A. What you are asking is a question of personal taste. I (being a wood lover) think it's kinda cool to bounce to contrasting wood off one another, But thats just me.

1.20 Is $5,663 too much to install 785 sq. ft of laminate flooring - incl. all demolition and new transitions?

Q. Got a quote to install Shaw Natural Values laminate throughout my entire first floor. They will remove all existing carpet in the living and dining rooms, vinyl in the kitchen, and hardwood in the foyer. They will also handle moving all furniture and appliances and price includes underlayment and transitions. Basically, it comes out to a little over $7/sq ft for the installation.

A. Nope that is a fair price to do all that rip out. Put in all the laminate and the nosings and such.. I m guessing that the laminate is in the 3/4 dollar a s/f ft range and the labor is around 2$ a s/f. This puts you at 5/6 $ a s/f for the laminate and labor itself. That leaves approx a 1$ a s/f for the rip out of all that stuff. It s in the ball park of the going rate. Unless the laminate is a lot cheaper, its a fair price.I didn t even figure in the under layment at 25/30$ a roll and you ll need 8 rolls.And you say all transitions pcs.. If that includes new or even replaceing shoe molding, it s looks better all the time.. I would get a 2nd quote but only on a laminate of the same price.. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar.. GL

1.20 How do I get laminate flooring to work when my steel door can barely "clear" vinyl flooring?

Q. I'm looking at putting laminate flooring in the kitchen but our steel door leading out to our garage can barely "clear" the current vinyl flooring when it opens, so I know it wouldn't be able to open with a taller laminate floor. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a new door or make any major renovations. Any suggestions?

A. Another option if you can't cut the door off is to put the laminate only up to the outside of the door reach and leave the vinyl as a circular entry type look. It's done with carpeting all the time by outside entry doors, usually so you can have a scatter rug on the vinyl. In your case, you don't have room for a scatter rug.

1.20 How can i change my laminate flooring to a white kind of floor?

Q. My living room is has laminate flooring but i would like to change it to white flooring permenantly. what is the best way to do this? i saw this item in ikea called floor lining would that work?

A. The lining actually goes under the laminate - so it wouldn't work. You would need to either paint the laminate with a primer then white floor paint - which is actually not a bad look - but you can't really use the floor until the paint cures - which is a few weeks, plus you will need to repaint every few years.

1.20 How often do u mop your laminate flooring?

Q. Just want to know how often people mop their laminate flooring or how often you should? also what with? I currently mop my laminate flooring and tiled flooring around every 2-3 days sometimes more often, i use hot water with either all purpose cleaner or floor cleaner, and every now and then i use diluted bleach but i dont use bleach too often.

A. Use the floor "WIPE" type mop as they dont hold any water but contain all the cleaning stuff

1.20 What's the best way to level out wood floors in order to install laminate flooring?

Q. I have unlevel wood floors and want to install laminate flooring. Was told that I need to level out the floor but what is the best, least expensive way to accomplish this. I have tried raising the floor in the low spots but that did not help. Thanks :)

A. I would use the powdered form and mix it. Also depending on the product you buy, you may need a primer which allows the leveler to bond properly to the floor. when you pour out the leveler it may be helpful to go over it with a straight edge following the high spots. Another suggestion is to sand down high spots, as this may minimize the amount of leveler you need.

1.20 Cutting planks of laminate flooring?

Q. I am going to purchase a laminate flooring that comes in 7.5" by 48" planks. Everywhere I look it says to use a miter saw to cut the pieces to length. Nowhere does it say what to do when the piece of flooring is too wide. I may not be a professional carpenter but making two cuts is just ridiculous. I was thinking of creating a jig for the circular saw. Any suggestions? i.e. how to make this or a better solution?

A. Using a straight edge and a couple of clamps will allow you to use your skillsaw for the long cuts. Make sure you cut with the good side down and measure twice, cut once. All the cuts you make like this will be backwards to normal. Take your time and you'll come out with a very nice job!!!!

1.20 How do you get dog urine smell out of laminate flooring?

Q. I've tried lots of different things. I'm not a do it yourself person for replacing the floor section that is bad and don't have the money right now to have a professional do it. I need help! It stinks so bad!

A. Try bleach

Laminate Flooring

 Flooring - Laminate Flooring Laminate floors can be used in any area of your >, Kansas area house, and can be made to duplicate the beauty of hard wood floors. Laminate flooring is long lasting and versatile. These floors are made of several materials that are bonded together to create a wood-liking flooring that uses no solid wood. These floors are ideal if you want a good looking floor that's durable, but without the high cost of a hard wood floor.

 flooring company in Kansas City Before installing your laminate floor, make sure that your sub floor is flat and smoothly laid out. Underlayment should be used under your floor for sound proofing purposes. Inspect flooring panels, and look for damage before installation, or else you could have uneven planks that can't be locked together. Choose a High Pressure Laminate that is more expensive, but offers a greater variety of designs, higher durability and enhanced inter locking mechanisms. Prices vary from the lowest end to high end ranges, and quality is usually determined by price.

Look for AC ratings to guide you in your choice of laminate floors. For high pressure areas like foyers and kitchens, laminate floors should have an AC 3 rating. Low pressure areas like bedrooms can get by with a lower rating. These ratings ensure that your laminate has passed all tests relating to staining, swelling, abrasion etc. Even so, a little maintenance will go a long way in keeping your laminate floor good looking for years to come. Protect your floor using rugs and mats, and make sure that all carpets used are made of color fast materials. Use furniture protectors to prevent your furniture legs from scratching your floors. Don't leave water standing on your laminate floor.

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