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1.20 What is the appropriate flooring that need to be in place beneath porcelain tiles?

Q. I am set to install porcelain tile flooring in a bathroom where the house currently has carpet. Provided it is in good condition (which I am assuming it is), is it OK to install the porcelain directly on the floor? Do I need to prepare the floor? If anyone has any pointers, I would appreciate it! Thanks!

A. First things first.. Is the floor concrete or wood? If it is concrete: Take up the old carpet, pad and tackstrip. Scrape and clean the floor. Check the concrete for any cracks and prepare them with a good crack supression system ( I recommend Protecto Wrap ). After this you are ready to install the ceramic. If the floor is wood: Follow the above with the added steps of a sturdy cement type backerboard, Wonderboard, HardiBacker or DurRock are just a few name brands. Wood floors need this in order to reduce the flex felt in a wood floor. I have known some installers to nail/screw this down without thinsetting ( tile morter) it down with good results. The correct way is to thinset the board down and then nail/screw it. The reason for this is to bond the board to the floor to reduce movement and thereby reducing cracks in the grout and tiles themselves. I hope this helps, Good Luck.

1.20 My extremely cheap kitchen floor, installed in the heat with no AC on, crumbled after two years. Why?

Q. It just disintegrated after breaking along 2 lines. The new floor installers claim it is because i use an inexpensive desk chair on the floor to spare my injured knee. There are no tracks from the casters. They say it is like a woman in spike heels. I don't think I did this. Can anybody suggest any other reasons?

A. What was the floor made of? Ceramic tile would go only if the underlying structure isn't good enough. Peel and stick tile flooring could be pulled up by that desk chair you are rolling over it. The cheaper stuff frays at the edges.

1.20 Name of a reputable contractor for installing a new kitchen on Long Island?

Q. I'm looking to completely gut and replace my kitchen in my 2000 sq. ft. 1964 colonial in Suffolk County, NY (worth about $500k). The kitchen is 16' x 12'. We want to demo it to the studs, replace the subfloor and wall insulation, add a small wall, run a new gas line from the sidewalk (about 50'), then install a new kitchen including new sheetrock, lighting, ceramic floors, cabinets, appliances, etc. We also need to gut an adjoining 12' x 16' den (new sheetrock, add high hats, replace two doors and continue the tile flooring throughout the den as well as the main foyer floor leading from the front door back to the kitchen. Question is, how long should a project like this take and what kind of budget should we expect for a job like this? Semi-custom cabinets, silestone countertops, GE profile appliances, etc.). Does anyone know of a reputable contractor in the area who could bid on this project? We're thinking of doing this in the Summer of 2008 and will be paying cash. Thanks!

A. Contact NARI (national association of remodeling industry) very reputable people that have to be certified and have anual furthering education hours. They will have a list of certified contractors in your area. www.nari.org

1.20 Kitchen remodeling quote too good to be true?

Q. Recently we're going through the process of remodeling our kitchen and have been having different companies visit and give us quotes. Today a company called "Direct Remodeling" based in New Jersey gave us a quote that's too good to be true and I was wondering if anyone has any information about them because all my internet searches on all the popular review sites turned up zilch. For the same price that 3 other companies quoted me, the sales rep from Direct Remodeling told me they were willing to go further by giving us new tile flooring completely knock down a wall to turn into a half wall and fix any and all plumbing/electrical challenges this would cause with no extra cost. They said the way they price things is by 'project pricing' as in its locked from the start no matter if extra costs come up later such a needing to reroute an unseen water pipe or moving cabinetry to new spots. On top of all that I would get a 20-25% discount on PC Richardson appliances with their special 'contractor' discount. Are these guys for real? Or am I just looking to get knifed for the 40% downpay they are asking for? *edit* Their website is www.directkitchens.net

A. Well, a GENERAL rule of thumb when getting 4 or more bids is to automatically throw out the high and low bid. For all they are promising, I'd be skeptical as hell. Never give more than 25% down, and schedule draws at appropriate times during the project. It could be legit, but I've learned, especially with home improvement projects, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Good luck.

1.20 Did anyone ever use home depot contractor service?

Q. Im thinking of doing a bathroom remodel i thought it would be easy to use my home depot credit card to purchase and pay for contracting services all in one....has anyone used home depot for this???? is it inexpensive? i need tile flooring instal new pedestal sink and painting....

A. Yes, I've used HD.....HUGE MISTAKE!!! Understand that the HD credit card might have their name on it, but it is owned by Citi Bank. Regardless of what happens, Citi Bank wants their money. It took me 15 weeks (without a kitchen) before we finally got a half ass resolution. Google "Complaints about Home Depot" and be prepared for page after page after page. Once they got your money (and they want 100% up front) you can warm the bench until they decide to do something. Any other contractor will want a deposit with the balance due on satisfactory completion. Good luck!!!

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1.00 Any Professional ceramic floor tile layers out their, advice required?

Q. A customer of mine has got someone to put ceramic tiles down in their upstairs bathroom. He has told them to rip up the floorboards and lay 12mm thick waterproof ply instead. Floorboards should be no less than 18mm thick, so whats he going on about?

A. Floor boards need to be screwed down in all cases. You can lay on boards with timber fix also use as grout (slow buts works). You can ply floor sealing the rear and edges of the board before screwing at 12" centers. You can level floor and fix wedi board. Fix tiles with flex andhesive and flex grout. over 35 years in trade and still at it.

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A. A categorical variable is one that cannot be quantified in numbers, but can be sorted into categories. so it is 4

Tile Flooring

 Flooring - Tile Flooring Tile is one of the most popular choices in floor materials in American homes. It has a beautiful and natural look that can be experimented with using a number of combinations. You can experiment with tiles of different sizes in a single room, varying and contrasting textures, and a palette of colors to create a unique one of a kind floor. You can even re design a layout, and make use of various trim tiles. This means that you have an endless choice of design possibilities to give your flooring a special look. Tiles are ideal for rooms where there is high traffic, like kitchens and hall ways. Its easy to wash and clean features make it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, where there is high risk of spills. It's also easy to maintain, and can last for years and years without the need for refinishing, polishing or re touching. This makes tile a cost effective option in the long run.

 flooring company in Kansas City Tile is available in a variety of styles. Ceramic tiles are made from clay or a combination of other materials, and come in glazed and unglazed ceramic tile types. Ceramic tile floorings are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens because of their resistance to wear and tear and spills. Mexican tiles are natural clay tiles, quite similar to terracotta. The rustic designs are accented by variations in texture and color, making for extremely beautiful tiles that are very popular in the south western part of the country. Marble tiles are no more the preserve of exclusive homes, and are now to be found in homes all over the country. Marble tiles have the same stylish, sheen and polished look of original marble flooring and you now have the opportunity to mix patterns, colors and designs. Quarry tiles require sealing, and are used heavily for commercial applications.

Tiles have made it easy to install high quality flooring without being restricted to uniformity in colors and textures. Flooring materials like marble which were earlier restricted to wealthy homes can now be installed as marble tiles, giving you an endless choice of size and shape combinations to choose from. Whatever the tile flooring you choose for your the Kansas City, KS area home, get it installed only by a professional flooring contractor. We help residents of Kansas City gets connected to prescreened flooring contractors. Just fill out the form, and you will receive up to 4 free quotes from the most reputed flooring companies in Kansas City.

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I currently have ash hardwood flooring on the main level (kitchen / dining room / and hallway I would like to have this flooring refinished, then add additional hardwood flooring (|Ash) to the living room I have measured the area for refinishing 263 sq ft and new installation area of 208 sq ft Thanks for your time

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