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1.30 Looking for a good commercial solid wood flooring & carpet flooring tiles manufacturering company?

Q. Looking for a good commercial solid wood flooring & carpet flooring tiles manufacturering company?

A. HIIIIII, A Huge selection of Wooden Laminate Flooring, Parquet Flooring, Flotex Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Entrance Matting, Carpet Tiles for immediate Installation. CCIL offers complete range of Floor coverings for Residential, Hospitality and Commercial area.i hope its helpfull for u .....

1.20 How much should i charge to install wood flooring ?

Q. As a handyman, how much do i charge per sq.ft to install oak wood flooring? They all need to be glued and there will be alot of cuts because the wood needs to curve in an s shape. There is 1000 sq.ft. I installed 1600 sq.ft before but did not charge my father in law. Thanks for your help.

A. For glue down wood flooring, 4 dollars a s.f. is about what you should be charging.

1.20 Use different wood flooring on different floor?

Q. Any appraisers or real estate agents out there? I need your professional opinions. How much does it affect RESALE VALUE if we have different types of wood flooring on different floors of the house? We have cherry wood on the entire main floor but are thinking lighter tones of woods for the basement level, including a small room for the home gym. Had not for the home gym, we won't consider lighter color of wood flooring. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you very much.


1.20 Laying engineered wood flooring over vinyl flooring?

Q. Can engineered wood flooring be installed on vinyl flooring? I'm in the middle of home improvement project and have decided to lay some engineered wood flooring for my kitchen. The particular brand that I've bought requires glue-down installation. The problem is, there's vinyl flooring that's been laid with cutback and it's not going to come up without a significant amount of work and then re-preparation of the sub flooring. I've been to the local home improvement center several times and can't really get a straight answer as to if this is possible. I've searched the Internet and its about 50-50 yes and no. I'd really like anybody's input into my situation, as I am under a little bit of a time constraint to finish the project as this is my new house and I've got to move out of my old house in in a week. Thanks in advance to your answers!

A. If you are laying down Bruce or Armstrong flooring, they have instructions for laying over vinyl flooring. Basically you can't lay the flooring over more than 2 layers of vinyl. You want to make sure the flooring is stripped, not sanded, especially if there is a gloss on the floor. Don't sand if its a resilient floor, it may contain asbestos. Also they recommend specific adhesives that will bond with the floor.

1.20 Can laminate wood flooring in two adjoining rooms be mismatched?

Q. We are moving into our first home and we are replacing the carpet in the living room with laminate wood flooring. The floor in the dining room is already laminate wood and joins up with the living room floor. We are trying to pick out new floors and are wondering if we can get a different color wood floor for the living room or if we need to match it perfectly with the dining room. Would mismatching the wood look tacky?? Calling all interior designers! I need your help!

A. What you are asking is a question of personal taste. I (being a wood lover) think it's kinda cool to bounce to contrasting wood off one another, But thats just me.

1.20 What type of flooring would look best in a room with yellow walls?

Q. Im getting new flooring in my room and the walls are yellow. What color of carpet would look best in it or would hard wood flooring look best and if so what type? And its a small room if that has anything to do with it i was thinging of bamboo flooring, would that look good to if i picked that

A. Bamboo flooring is not only a beautiful choice, available in many stain colours (light to dark), IT is also an environmentally friendly and sustainable product. Great Choice. -stain colour : light

1.20 How long do you have to leave concrete floors to dry before laying hardwood flooring in a new house?

Q. We are considering laying hardwood flooring in the living/dining room of our new house. The floor is concrete and we have been told we need to wait for a period of time before laying wood flooring. The time period varies with who we ask, but we've been told anything from 3 months to 2 years! Does anyone have any direct experience of this? Is it a load of rubbish or is it genuine?

A. Would have thought that after a week or so when the concrete was set it would be ok to lay flooring. Maybe the flooring contractors are trying to put you off until they can fit in the job!!

1.20 Do you need a professional to install wood flooring?

Q. I am thinking about doing it myself but my sister ect say you have to hire someone.I am not sure i have to.

A. Most hardwood flooring goes for $3-4 per sqft. while installation will run you an additional $5 per sqft. Sit in on one of the Saturday seminars at Home Depot or grab a book on do it yourself flooring tips for around $10. It's not as hard as people make it out to be and with a little confidence in your own abilities you can save over 50% vs. professional installation.

Wood Flooring

 Flooring - Wood Flooring No other flooring material offers quite the same kind of beauty as wood flooring. There is something polished and classy about wood flooring that other materials simply can't match. They are perfect for all styles of Kansas City area homes, but add a special finish to country homes, farm houses etc. Besides, they are relatively easy to clean, are extremely durable, and overall, add to the value of your home. They are also one of the most natural flooring materials, allowing you to give back to the environment.

 flooring company in Kansas City Wood flooring are varied not just in the species of wood it is sourced from, but also in the types, finishes and thickness of the flooring. Wood species include oak wood, Brazilian cherry, birch, pine, walnut etc. Besides, you can choose from solid or engineered wood flooring, antique wood floors, factory finished floors and parquet flooring. The kind of materials and styles you choose will depend on your life style, the rest of the décor of the room and the area where you live. Almost all types of wood flooring that consists of one piece of wood are considered to be solid flooring. This flooring is perfect for rooms that are on or above ground level. Engineered wood flooring is ideal for areas of the house where a solid wood floor may not work, like kitchens and utility rooms. Bamboo hard wood floors are the most environment friendly, and are a far cry from the rustic bamboo poles of yesteryear. Modern bamboo wood floors come in the form of strips, making them easy to lay. Oak hard wood flooring is still the material of choice for elegant >, Kansas area homes. The variety of colors that are available may vary from species to species, so request a pre-finished or unfinished sample before you decide on the right shade. The natural colors of oak and maple continue to be the most popular shades. Always factor in color variations because it is highly likely that each strip comes from a different tree.

Although hard wood floors are more competitively priced than in the past, you will still find that they are one of the more expensive choices in flooring material. Generally the higher the quality of the wood, the greater the price. If your budget does allow for high quality wood flooring, consider it a great investment in your home. Reports from realtors have shown that a home with a hard wood floor sells quicker and usually at a higher price than homes with carpeted floors. Your wood floor can last for a life time of beauty, making this a very cost effective option in the long run. A little basic maintenance is all it takes for your wood floor to last a life time. Keep water away from the floor, and wipe spills immediately. Never mop with a damp cloth, and protect areas near the kitchen sink with mats or rugs. Also, place mats just outside and inside the doorway to catch mud and dirt. Protect your wood floor by using some kind of padding under your furniture legs. Wear flat and practical shoes inside the house, and avoid walking around on stilettos. Never use ordinary floor cleaners, and always rely on your manufacturers' cleaning instructions for hard wood floor care.

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